Whole. Roasted. Onion.

Stop what you’re doing right now, and go roast an onion. No, seriously. Everyone needs this in their lives.

You see, I have an allergy to raw onions, and partially cooked ones don’t usually do too well with me either. Then today, seemingly out of nowhere, an idea came to me – why don’t I roast an onion for an hour, like I would a potato, or a beet? Lo and behold.. the birth of pure DELICIOUSNESS.

I roasted this tester for about an hour and 15 mins at 375°F, drizzled with some olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. The result? An onion so tender, so aromatic, so irresistible. Keep the onion’s skin on while roasting, and it’ll slide right out when it’s done, giving you this sweet, sweet magic. Eat it with a knife and fork straight out of the oven, put it into a burrito, cut it up and top your sandwiches & salads, or add it to any other dish in need of some sweet onion lovin’! Just go ahead and make it now, thank me later!


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